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Horses auctions in America

In total, in 2015, the United States and Europe, it sold 17,000 racehorses at auction for 944 millions, for an average price of $ 56,000, 18% more than in 2014.
This means that the racehorse sales business was flourishing in 2015 despite a highly competitive. Large European and American auction houses have all performed well in 2015. Tattersalls, the main England, achieved a turnover of 299.1 million euros, up by 18%, returning to its level before the crisis of 2008. the average price of the auctioned horses stood at 64,070 euros, up 20%.

Beside here horse auctions are also doing quite well in the United States.

If you have decided to buy a horse at auction, it will take you a horse trailer to transport.
The horse trailer may generally contain one or two, rarely three horses. The heavy weight of the horse trailer is a powerful vehicle is necessary for the tow as a 4x4. Research suggests that horses travel better in the horse trailer if placed the head back, lateral position being the worst. Various checks must be carried out before starting the horse trailer, and regular maintenance to optimize the durability of the equipment.
The horse trailer is generally less secure than a truck. It must be of sufficient height above the horse: the ceiling must arrive at least 75 cm above the height of the withers. Because of its weight can quickly become important, it requires a powerful vehicle, such as a 4x4.
In a horse trailer, horses are usually placed in the direction of the road, head in the direction of the towing vehicle. The position with the head backwards, facing the road, is deemed more secure: the scientific research conducted on this topic suggests that the horse is less stressed and tired if he travels the head back. The lateral position is the worst, revealing is more tiring and stressful than the head forward position. visit website

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