Horses auction
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Auctions on saturday !

Horse exchanges are common practices for centuries. However, over time, this transaction improved view and legalized. Indeed, to reduce the smuggling of horses, legislation has decided to legislate this practice, although bids are permitted.

Horse auction

To auction his or her horses is an honor for the master. Indeed, those who meet present at these events are influential and passionate by the company of these animals. The announcement of this event is for weeks or even months in advance, for each party to prepare. Part of a network as if the site, the participants know each other and know at the same time the condition of the horse put in bids. It happens all the same, which is not unique, as enthusiasts organize flash auctions. This practice is to auction a beast coveted by all. These special auction to determine who are the buyers, but also to determine the value of the beast. Geeks are always on the lookout for opportunity like that to acquire a horse of good quality without wasting time or care to move. Indeed, these flash auction are not made in theaters, but online.

The requirements for parties

These auctions are obviously governed by certain conditions that affect both the seller, the buyer and the organizer. It is up to the seller to certify the possession of the horse with the papers of the horse to the organizer. The medical advice is also part of these papers to authenticate the health of the animal prior to the auction. After the presentation of the papers, the organizer must conduct checks the veracity of the documents that he was given. For this, he has to work those relationships. Finally, each participant, the organizer must submit the payment conditions either in kind, by check or transfer. Even if it wishes to remain anonymous, the participant must sign a contract beforehand as to its submission to all the conditions of sale and purchase.

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