Horses auction
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Horses auction next weekend at Houston Square

There are three types of sales among which you can find your mount with direct sales of selling a horse with a possibility of negotiation. Sales booked in which you have to ask the owner to book you for the horse you are interested but that other buyers will be able to buy it before you. There are also auctions in which the owner sets a starting price and that you, as a potential buyer for the augmentiez the horse of your dreams.

If you wish to be in possession of a horse soon with all his fine used saddles, the ideal would be to go to the next auction of horses to be held in Houston next weekend. Indeed, there are not as vehicles, professional equipment, furniture, art pieces and others that can be auctioned.

Tips for buying a horse

To obtain the ideal horse for your needs, it would be best to first look at his average skills. Then you must also look at the objects on the black market. If he has such of the missing golden apple, morphée arm, the fifth element, a star of Nyx and others. If there is a unicorn, you do not absolutely have to buy it if the price exceeds eg 70000$ and one that also has more than three passes.

If there is a pegasus, you do not have to spend more than one pass in sales especially if he does not have an object in the black market. The best choice would be rather take a good horse and buy a jellyfish blood.

The conduct of an auction

An auction is usually organized through voluntary sales operators or by judicial auctioneers. It is always public and everyone has the right to attend without having to buy anything. To place a bid and so buy, you must be an adult, both responsible and solvent. As a buyer, then you should have taken into account all the conditions of sale. These are often present at the place of sale and generally complement the general conditions applicable to all public sales.

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