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Learn the trot before riding a horse !

The training of a horse is specifically and carefully by following specific steps. This will, among others, a better appreciation of it and better results. One of the most basic methods and most recurrent for this is learning the trot before learning the gallop. It is a concept which falls even natural which explains its effectiveness.

General on the trot

You should know that the trot is the basis of the dressage horse. Only a horse trot harmoniously while being relaxed and clocked with the right attitude will survey more pronounced difficulties. The passage and piaffe are the same concepts from the trot. It must be said that the trot will offer several objectives namely the increase in the level of gesture, its magnitude and regularity. This will also result in much muscle the animal. A good practice will also ensure a good flexibility of the joints. Obviously, this will, among other things, a good exchange between the rider and the horse while balancing perfectly the horse. It goes without saying that the practice of trot must be centered with the results also recommended as a symmetric and a thrust force equal to each subsequent level of the horse, a better regularity during landing diagonal or away perfectly equal between each beat.

Improve the trot of a young horse

Of course, the practice of trotting is important, but there are times when the horse does not splint it completely. The use of suitable materials such as used french saddles is certainly in order, but it will also have some neat tricks solve this problem. Above all, it will beef up the back and kidneys of the horse so that it easily supports the rider. Thereafter, it will teach him to avoid the allure of rainfall with regular trot strides, wide and well framed. To arrive at these results, lessons loin are recommended. In the case of young horses that have not yet strong enough to withstand the jumper too, it will be important to do work in trot.

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