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Take care of your horse and it will take care of you

Having a horse is good, but taking care of it is even better. Indeed, the horse is an animal that requires special attention. If it seems strong, it is on the contrary a fragile animal both physically and mentally. Take care of your equine is an important and indispensable step for anyone with a horse. Your pet will return you the sentiment.

Grooming: An Essential Step for Your Horse

The toilet of the horse or grooming is an important step in his life. It keeps your pet clean and ready for equestrian activity. But, grooming the horse requires the proper equipment, materials and tips you can find on

Grooming is an activity that must be daily. The daily grooming is a light grooming that allows you to take care of your horse, to untangle its hair. Moreover, it allows to rub the horse and to give it a feeling of well-being.

However, after work (exercises, training, etc.), grooming can be more important. This ranges from brushing with various types of brushes to cleaning your horse’s hooves. A shower may also be necessary in order to rid her dress of impurities. Note, however, that it is forbidden to wet the head of the horse directly. You can use a wet sponge to clean it.

The toilet of the horse: a moment of intimacy with his animal

Take care of your horse, as we have already said, allows to build a relationship of intimacy with it. Indeed, pampering his horse is also spending time next to his animal. This creates a relationship of trust between you and the animal. That is why it is important to take your time to wash your horse, but especially in the rules of the art.

A clean horse is a healthy horse. Thus, grooming should not be considered a chore, but should be done gently and lovingly. Because woven links are not only beneficial for the animal, but also for the rider. They allow a certain complicity between the rider and his horse during competitions.

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