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Take care of your horse when you go in the nature

Who didn't dream to go galloping balloons with his horse on the beach once in his life!? Have you all planned? Have you planned for a long time to go to the beach? Is all ready, is all ready? Indeed, not all beaches are accessible to horses: some are strictly forbidden, others are accessible at certain times or times of the year. You can inquire at the town hall or the Regional Direction of the Environment to which the littoral chooses.

Use the right way to approach the sea

To easily get a horse into the sea, nothing better than regular buddies! Always start by approaching the sea in a parallel and not perpendicular way, the effect of roll / movement of the sea could make him lose his balance! Ride the water without touching it, and then move closer as you go until the water comes to you.

Swim with your horse to assure him

If you want to start, you must be careful to comply with certain safety rules. Swim with your horse. You have to be a good swimmer and perfectly master your mount. A person who walks is essential for safety to watch that everything goes well! You may also preferably go to various riders with regular and calm horses. You may take off your harness if your horse is calm, because the salt damages the leathers. In fact get yourself a used ranch saddles for sale for your outing at sea, you can find it online at

Ideas on exercises to work with your horse on the beach

You can naturally enjoy working your horse in this ideal setting to work your horse. A good cardiovascular and breath work "split" The figure of 8 and phase variations (gallop or trot) between wet sand and sea water can be used to make your horse work. Horses often have more water paces: it's pretty funny!

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