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Take care of your horse when you go in the nature

A horse for walking is a versatile, calm, dynamic horse... The horses assigned to you during your riding are selected according to your level and equestrian abilities. Don't get me wrong; however, a good hiking, horse is not a simple "bunny" horse. All cavalry collects the necessary qualities for good horse riding. When you go for a walk, you must pay attention to your pace as we have seen, but nature still has many other surprises to adapt to.

Adapt to climate conditions

The weather can change at every time, especially in the mountains, during a multi-day horse-drawn ride. In rainy weather, wear a raincoat always, preferably long enough to protect your squirrels and saddles. Avoid ponchos or capes because of their fragility and they can frighten the horses when the wind is on.

Take care because the mountain is a giant buffet

The natural advantage is that your mountain is a giant buffet! If he does, don't let him take his reins back with his legs to eat. The rider must give nibbling as a reward. When leaving or planning a break for several hours, consider taking stops to remove the net on your horse, so that it is easier for him to eat. Be sure that there are no toxic plants for the horse.

You must be careful about the ground in nature

In fact, a clear pitch must be used to see where your horse is putting its feet. In doing this, you can avoid caulking or traps in high grass, rustic scrap metal, a trap for wild animals or particularly slippery spots or holes for rabbits. It must also be avoided that the lands that are too demanding of the limb are too bad for the tendons, like the plowed fields. Equip with used ranch saddles for sale on this website.

It is also necessary to restrict the total weight which must be borne to a strict minimum and foresee the optimum muscle preparation.

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