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Use a good saddle and keep your horse's back safe !

During his life, a horse will undergo many morphological changes following the training, disease, diet changes. The saddle was fully adapted to the horse a moment T may become less adequate and therefore lead to a drop in performance or even become a source pain for the horse.

Your horse can unfortunately not tell you if the saddle is comfortable, or it may not be known that a saddle can be. This is not for the morphology of the horse to adapt to that of the saddle, but obviously the reverse. If that were the case, it would produce atrophy of the musculature of the horse in the back. Needless to say this handicaps the horse. Who has ever seen a horse has atrophied muscles on the back and the shape is the perfect image of the padding of the saddle?

The 8 commandments that must be respected if you want to be sure to have a good saddle

- The seat must not rest on the heads of the vertebrae.The seat must not rest on the heads of the vertebrae, a saddle too narrow gutter will press the sides of the head and vertebrae under pressure can cause a displacement of the vertebrae.

Tip: To check whether the gutter is adequate, it should be possible to spend an average fist (about 8 cm) easily throughout the gutter.

- The saddle should not come in contact with the sides of the vertebrae.

- The saddle should not be placed on the shoulders.

- At the other end, the seat must not rest on the lumbar vertebrae.Many saddles are too long , you really pay very special attention to this point.

- The seat must be adapted to the morphology of the horse.

- The seat must be adapted to the morphology of the rider.

- The saddle should be in good condition.

- The saddle should be symmetric.

Commandment n°9: there are used saddles for sale at Equitack , get your ideal saddle!

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